Marketing Plan

Launch/Autumn 2020


1 Person - 1 Day

SWOT analysis.


Exellent Food Quality

(best product Porchetta). 

Faithful core clientele.

Valid workforce.

Strong finacial backup.


Weekly Delivery.

Too few online sales

Safari version of  the website is not calibrated.

Regular order is been smoothened at the expanse of collection payments' ease.

Deadlines organization


Delivery orders might incerase in light of a new lockdown alowing us to delegated to thirds (push Regular Orders to create a constant cashfowl with possible implement of authomisation).


Loss of Safari users. Payments at client's responsability might lead to possible outstanding invoices, second thoughts by clients who don't want to make the payment multiple times leading ultimately at loss of income.


Business Initiatives



Subscribe to this recognized and trusted company (awaiting for indeepth info). 

GOAL : Gaining visibility and brand trust.

STATUS : Registration request sent.

images (1).jpg


Combine existing clients from Sugo and new clients gained by other campaigns to be contacted via email with a launch "promotional coupon"

GOAL: create and grow a community which will bekept in the loop with offers, newsletters  and periodical updates.

STATUS: to be set.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


Set up profile and run campaign on FB and Instagram with the usual trial formula of £25 per post per week.

Regular contents to be scheduled on Tuesdays,Thrusday and Saturdays

GOAL: grow brand awareness.

STATUS: to be set

download (1).png


Free product when a friend you introduce to us places an order.

GOAL: quickly grow brand awareness

STATUS: to be set



Code SEOs for the whole website. Boost Google ranking using the £75 coupon received by Wix 

GOAL : growing visibility and brand awarenes.

STATUS : Partially completed.



Find out if our business model is conform to the parameters set by live food delivery companies. 

GOAL: use established business platforms to grow brand awareness.

STATUS: to be set.



Design and hand out leaflets (Royal borough of Kensinghton & Chelesea).

GOAL: Quickly increase sales

STATUS : to be set.


Approach pontential wholesale clientele directly through a sales reppresentative or by gifting samples.

GOAL: Increase sales and Guarantee constant cashflow.

STATUS: to be set


Target Market

Competitive Analysis


  • Middle-upper class Families (Notting hill,Kensington,Chelsea,Fulham, Richmond, Chiswick, Paddington, Belgravia, Fitzrovia , Victoria , Camden Hampstead).

  • Professionals working from home (same areas as above).

  • Retails & Restaurants (Zone 1-3)

Not enough time to develop an analysis in the indutry. Definetly the business owner is best person at this moment to develop such analysis.

However the overall term of susscess should be given by the close monitoring of the sales and its relavitve growth with regards of the running camapigns (it would be good to link each ad to an ID to monitor the organic increase of clientele by a given ad). 

  • Set up and follow through each and all the businnes initiative.

  • Set up priorities and trigger initiatives accordingly.

  • Monitor sales and create monthly reports to compare our growths and hel us strategize next quarter's plans



Although most of our initiativese are though a free third party platform ,It is virtually impossible to define an accurate estimate of the remaining expanses given that we have no records of any sales or best/worst selling products and most of all we do not know yet how any product will perform in a campaign.

We can, therefore, only quantify the expanses that we have faced before in similar campaigns:

  • £25pw per ad on social medias

  • £75 budget in SEO Google adwords (FREE voucher from Wix).

  • £50.01 for 1500 sustainable leaflets from Vista Print